1DEA Travel Map® Letters World

1DEA Travel Map® Letters World

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Travel Map® Letters World is a colorful scratch-off font map with a history of your travels, on which each country is represented by letters.The map will become an original and bright decor that will perfectly fit into an interior of a bedroom, living room or office. Scratch off the silver layer from the countries you’ve been to, so the map becomes brighter, and your life gets more saturated.

Pleasant freebies:

  • designer tube, in which the scratch off map looks great and so does not need additional gift packaging.
  • set of stickers with colorful letter-shaped images of the countries.

Map dimensions - 80 x 60 cm / 31.5 х 23.6 inches
The map is made of high-quality laminated paper

Why Buy
1DEA  builds their brand as a positive impact and force of good. They act with the understanding that we are dependent upon one another and thus responsible for each other and future generations. 1DEA conducts educational and motivational lectures and master classes jointly with children and student organizations. In addition to that, twice a year they hold a charity sale and transfer the funds to orphanages. Their team supports Open4U - the center of socialization and communication of people with disabilities. Every week a few team members visit the center for thematic activity to inspire people to dream, think positive and achieve their goals. They also help this center to implement different social projects. 1DEA.me takes part in the project DonorUA, with the aim of popularizing the donor movement in Ukraine to donate blood and help save lives. They also recently had a collaboration with a charitable foundation that protects the interests of children with cancer.