The Store Owners Brooke and Nick Steinkamp


So we believe our business should do good too.

Hi, my name is Brooke.  I'm the owner and founder of Royal Palm Society aka The Store.

The Store was born out of a desire to contribute to something greater than myself or my family I wanted to give back and do some good. Royal Palm Society was born. We’re a boutique that only stocks sustainable and fair trade clothing as well as ‘goods that do good’ so every brand in our store is doing a social good by giving back to charities and/or making sure their products are ethically made.

We provide customers with a guilt free shopping experience where they can easily find unique, quality products they can feel good about purchasing or gifting.

We spend hours researching and vetting quality brands that take conscious consumerism seriously. We do this because we fully believe in the power of the consumer. By helping others to shop ethically we can make a difference in the world. By partnering with brands that do good, are sustainable, eco friendly, artisan/hand-made, made in the USA, local, fair trade or are contributing to a social or ecological cause we're saying NO to fast fashion and the unfair treatment of workers across the globe.

Most of the brands in "The Store" contribute to social good. We partner with artists, businesses and nonprofits that we believe in. We participate in and host events in our hometown of Vero Beach, Florida benefitting various causes including fundraising, awareness, local beach cleanups and more. The Store exists to touch lives in more ways than just shopping with a purpose.

We hope you'll join us on our journey in conscious consumerism and a better world.