Nina Berenato Brass Matrix Ear Cuff
Nina Berenato Brass Matrix Ear Cuff

Nina Berenato Brass Matrix Ear Cuff

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This ear cuff is inspired by Venezuelan artist, Gego's creations, many became a soft web-like structure of rods embracing the natural imperfections. Like an organic matrix, she built her sculptures. In the Bichos collection, Nina Berenato embraces this concept and fights against symmetry to create new Matrixes.

This ear cuff is so comfortable and a great statement piece. It is light and anchors easily on the ear. 

Each piece purchased from Nina Berenato gives to Girls Inc. and various other organizations benefitting women and children.

Nina on Sustainability:

  • All products are made from recycled and refined metals sourced from United Precious Metals Refinery in Miami, FL. United has a commitment to both their environmental responsibility and Fair Wage responsibility.
  • None of our products contain animal products and are 100% cruelty free.
  • Our production & manufacturing is done locally, reducing our energy imprint and ensuring Safe and Fair conditions for our workers.
  • Our e-commerce shipping products are Zero-waste and fully compostable. They have clear labels, explaining the life cycle of their packaging and encouraging responsible disposal. We source our e-commerce packaging from within the United States, minimizing our energy consumption in receiving these products.
  • Our in-store packaging is either recyclable or fully compostable and labeled as such. We have eliminated receipts to consume less paper and ask our customers to skip bags altogether when possible.
  • The founder has risen as a leader in Austin, encouraging others to join in creating a more ethical city by creating the #SeasonofSustainability a movement that includes both her personal examples along with a group of videos aimed at educating both retailers and consumers on ways they can be better in their day to day consumption.
  • When the customer is finished using their jewelry, our products can be returned to our store location to be refined and recycled into new pieces.
  • Inside of our store we have a small selection of other designers' work, when choosing these designers, we buy plastic-free products and packaging only.